1+1 = 2.

In this trip to BsAs, I had learned very important lessons about tango.  There are technical aspects of it, which I have yet to practice daily and really let my body learn them.  However, one of the even more important achievements of this trip is the realization that partner dancing is a continuous exchange of energy between the two partners. If doing it right, the flow of energy between the two partners will behave according to one of the fundamental properties of all energy – law of conservation.  All energy initiated is simply transformed into beautiful movements, without loss.  That is, when a guy gives me energy by moving forward, my job will be to utilize all the energy I was given to create movements, and no energy should be wasted.  Ways to waste this energy from my side includes but not limited to the following:

  • resisting to use all but some of the energy and step short, because I am used to a certain length of step
  • resisting to use any of the energy at all because I don’t like the lead I was given, because I am used to a certain way of tango

Curtis Provost, my favorite ballroom dance teacher, had tried to teach me about energy two years ago.  I was not ready to understand it at the time.  I always thought dancing is about communication, about playing, about having fun, about team work.  I am so very lucky to have found many new and interesting dimensions about dancing in this trip.  And my thanks go to the dancers that I danced with, the tango enthusiasts I exchanged ideas with, and the tango teachers that I learned from.  And for this particular realization – the conservation of energy, I have to thank Jose Halfon and Virginia Cutillo for their workshop.  The realization came when I watched them danced in their workshop at DNI on March 13, the immediate Saturday after my arrival.  Luckily I had taken the video so now I can show you 🙂  See it for yourself! 😀

1+1 = infinity.

Dancing would not be fun if there is no creativity.  Yes people talk about dancing as an art and it is related to creativity.  But it is not always practiced that way, I’ve found.  To dance like what everyone did 50 years ago, would be like going to a museum everyday and copying the oil paintings of Picasso.  I am not saying it is wrong.  It is the way to learn an art, but it should not be the ultimate goal.  Maybe that’s why I am more leaning towards nuevo tango.  Also, what can beat the new form of tango which combines old tango + classical + jazz music?  All forms of music I love!

Nuevo tango to me represents a wide-open space for creativity.  If the time is right, and the two dancers found one another who have the chemistry and are both willing to give up their ego and open up to new ideas and trying new things, 1 + 1 can become infinitely beautiful 😉

1 + 1 <= 0.

So when do 1 + 1 <= 0?  When energy is wasted in dealing with negativity instead of creating beautiful moments.  Life is too short for that!!!


6 thoughts on “1+1=?

  1. There is a wonderful comment here: http://tangrila.blogspot.com/2010/04/energy-exchange-and-conservation.html – about the wonderful energy exchange idea you wrote about. And I answered Johanna’s post with my own interpretation – but thought I should really post it here where the idea came from. 🙂

    The energy loop/transference between partners ties into “entrega” (the idea of partners “surrendering” to each other and the music in tango) for me – to take what’s offered without reservation, and likewise offer, without reservation, all that I can in return. No energy lost, just moving back and forth through the partners. Sometimes, when we’re really, *really* lucky, you can feel it travel around the other dancers on the pista as well. That’s a marvelous thing.

    • Oh cool!!! I am happy that you girls like the energy exchange idea 🙂

      And thank you for telling me the concept of “entrega”! I am writing a piece that is related to it 🙂 Hope it will come out one day, hahah Thanks for the post BTW 😉

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